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Shenzhen Polytechnic Regulations for International Students

(For Students of Non-degree Chinese Language Course)

一、 总则

General Guidelines



Shenzhen Polytechnic has been authorized by relevant administrative management department of the Chinese government to admit foreign students since 2004.The courses provided to foreign students have always been focusing on non-degree course selections of Chinese language and culture. These regulations are formulated to further promote the internationalization of Shenzhen Polytechnic and effective administration of international students.

International Office responsible for all the items of international student, and the education items are directly charged by International Education Department.

1、 本条例适用对象

1. Applicable Students


These regulations are applicable to students who are non-Chinese citizens and formally registered with Shenzhen Polytechnic for the non-degree course selections of Chinese language.

2、 入学资格

2. Prerequisites for Admission


Foreigners over eighteen years of age with a secondary education background who are eligible to obtain a Chinese visa are qualified to apply for the non-degree course of Chinese language in Shenzhen Polytechnic, and are exempt from entrance examination.

3、 申请

3. Application


1)Application for enrollment can be made for either spring semester or autumn semester.


2)Foreigners who wishes to apply for admissions at Shenzhen Polytechnic shall fill in and submit an <Application Form for International students> and provide photocopies of passport, diploma and transcripts. Originals of the above mentioned documents may also be required for verification. Applicants who have previously taken HSK tests or other Chinese language proficiency tests may provide their certificates or test results, which will be used for the purpose of class placement.


3)International Office requested the International Education Department at Shenzhen Polytechnic shall be in charge of the admission, qualification verification, registration and organization of necessary examinations and interviews.


4. Tuitions


1)The tuition for international students enrolled in non-degree Chinese language course at Shenzhen Polytechnic shall be determined by the I International Office. For details please refer to <Payment Instructions for International students>.


2)International students are required to pay the required tuition in one lump sum before they can begin their course study.

二、 金沙唯一官方娱乐场外国留学生教学管理规定

Education regulations for international students


5.The basic requirements of international students studying at Shenzhen Polytechnic


During studying at Shenzhen Polytechnic, the international students should follow blow requirements:

1) 努力学习,认真完成学习任务。

Work hard at study and make efforts to complete learning tasks.

2) 遵守学校的规章制度。

Observe rules and regulations of Shenzhen Polytechnic。

3) 尊重教师及学校工作人员

Respect teachers and school staffs。

4) 同学间相互尊重,团结友好。

Pay respect to fellow students and be friendly.

5) 锻炼身体,讲究卫生。

Take an active part in sports to keep healthy and maintain good personal hygiene.

6) 学风端正,举止文明。

Develop a good attitude and study habits and behave well.

7) 维护文明校园环境,保持学校正常生活秩序和学习秩序。

Play a constructive role in maintaining a civilized campus and orderly living and study environment

8) 遵守中国政府有关的法令和规定。

Abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China.

9) 尊重中国人民的风俗习惯。

Respect the customs and habits of the Chinese people.

10) 维护和增进各国人民之间的友谊。

Maintain and promote friendship among people from all of world.


6. Regulations for study administration


1) In order for them to complete their study task, efficiently, the international students should observe all study disciplines and attend class. They should not be late for or absent from classes or leave classes early. They should not smoke, talk or use mobile phones in class.


2) International students should respect teachers and be friendly to classmates, and contribute to building and maintaining good relationship among teachers and fellow students.


3) In case of absence from class due to sickness or personal reason for up to 4 hours, students should submit a written application for Leave-of-Absence and ask the supervising teacher for permission; in case of absence from class for more than 4 hours, they must submit a written application to International Office and ask for leave. Students failing to do so shall be recorded as absence without proper reasons


4) During study, international students shall not seek employment or engage in business activities.


5) International students should follow the teaching plan to complete their course and take examinations. The examinations use a percentage grading system.


6) Students who fail to participate in an examination due to personal reasons shall be treated as intentional giving up the test, and their score shall be recorded as zero. However,in case of sickness or other emergent reasons, a student may submit a written application to the International Education Department for reschedule of examination and provide relevant proof. If the application is approved, the International Education Department will make arrangement for rescheduled examination and the students shall pay an extra fee for the examination. Their scores shall be recorded and treated as normal test scores.


7) The scholarships of international students shall be closely linked to students’ academic record and class attendance rate. Only those students whose average attendance rate reaches 85% in one semester are qualified for scholarships.


8) International students should choose the suitable class depend on their language level, after registering to the class, it cannot be changed. If actually need to change class or take some lessons from other classes, international students should submit the written application to International education office.

三、 金沙唯一官方娱乐场留学生宿舍管理规定

Regulations for Living in International Students’ Dormitories


Students’ dormitory provides international students with a comfortable space for living, study, and social life. In order to maintain an orderly environment, the following regulations are formulated.



1)If International students wish to apply for on-campus dormitory, they should pay the accommodation fee (including 1600 yuan for deposit) and the tuition at the same time, otherwise the student would be regarded as an extern student. An international student shall be assigned a dormitory room after they have made the payment. They shall not occupy other rooms or exchange rooms among themselves without prior notification of and permission from the International Education Department. International students should submit their passport and photographs to the teacher in charge of visa affairs within 24 hours after they move in the dormitory to register Temporary Residence for Foreign Visitors.

During summer and winter holidays the dormitory shall be closed. We don’t provide rooms for couples or family members of a student. International students shall not put up or accommodate anyone else in their dormitory unless they have acquired approval from the International Office and made extra payment. Normally two students will share one dormitory room. If a student wishes to live in one room by him- or herself, he or she should apply to the International Education Department. The application shall be granted if there are sufficient dormitory rooms and the student shall pay single room fee.


2) Dormitory room fees are as follows: 600 yuan/month/bed when two students share a room and 1200 yuan/month for a single student taking one room, 30 yuan/month/person for residential property management fee, 1600 yuan for deposit of the room, 200 yuan for deposit of the key and air-conditioner controller. The exchange students should pay deposit for the room and other fees as stipulated in the agreement between Shenzhen Polytechnic and their own university. After registration for each semester, the self-funded students can move to the dormitory after they have made the payment for the tuition fee and the accommodation fee (including 1600 yuan for deposit) and signed the agreement to abide by the Regulations for International Students’ Dormitory. Under special circumstances the student can apply to the International Office for delay in payment. A clerk would read your water and electricity meters every month and paste the bill on your door. Payment for the bill should be made within three days, failure in doing so may result in the suspension of water and electricity supply in your room.

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